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hiatus like WOAH

i dont have to count the weeks, months and years that i am not updating. i have 1 good reason why.


i mean it has everything (though blogging there's not that appealing) and there would be times where i tend to be lazy reaallyyy lazy and just abandon my random web bases. XD

so hmmm

i twit! http://twitter.com/ofpurpleskies

facebooker http://www.facebook.com/#!/anasalera

hmmm that's about it~ 

i dont want to promise updating this soon since all my friends are also on A VERY LONG HIATUS T_T

love love~


the returner~ hmmm

no no no not gackt >__<

it has been what? according to LJ 86 weeks since i last update O__O omona that long? ever since i lived in korea the only thing i've updated is my multiply account over here: rywenstar.multiply.com/ all my stuff are dumped over there and that knowin that  i have 2 LJ accounts (what ever happened to the other one why dont i know it? WHO USED IT? OMO) so hmm anyways... before i freak out and stalk the other user of my other LJ account i just have to say this....

I AM BACK. haha fangirling self all over again after a long absence ahahaha!


jaemin scans in BigEast

is it me or is changmin flirting a lot with jae joong these days??? O_o

Nov. 8th, 2006

yes i am in school~
my first few days back this sem >< hmmm how was it you ask?
well as expected i am gonna be staying for how many hours in the library.
but then i again i realized that i am beggining to like it this way already ne ne ne?

haayyy anyway i am off to err ewww class again!! <333


ok that was random!
i am off to school tom~ i am saying goodbye to my err not so long sembreak (if there was any of "break" in it) waaa a new semester, a new start!

i am off with a smile and a newly regained confidence!

praying for the best!!
yey i am updating again~

anyway i just had a very unexpected day today!

i went with my mom to the bank for my tuitiom then after that i went to the mall and i found bumped with Clarence ^__^
Clarence's a long time friend~ we've known each other for like 2nd grade and eversince then it still remained the same wow i am being mushy right now~ bear with me i havent seen her for like 2 years now >__< but i dont know i just smiled till the end of the day i missed her. ehehehehe~

i am soooo bored here~ i need to do something productive T_T *sniff*

and i still need to write to jae joong for his birthday present T_T waaa and i still need to camwhore for that demmit jeje what are you doing to me T_T

pao and i were talking the other night and she was telling me the way Jae joong said thank you to here T__T and i was crying because i am so happy for her waaaa jae~ someday.... someday T__T waaaaaa

*drama queen will resume her dramaness when her mom stops watching some random opera beside her >_<

toodles~ XD


i am back~ yeah!

it has been quite a while since i have update this thing aish. yesh i am back and i am actually planning to make this thing function yet again ^___^

so.... i plan to make this as my vent!!!! errr ok that is not so new since i have been doing this to all my previous blogs, cyworlds, etc~ ehehehe so yeah....

ok here are couple of my rants/raves to get some of the people that have been visiting here some updates on what i am going though this month XD

  1. School. yeah. it's gonna be only a year and a half and i am finally off the institution *sigh* so ummm might as well enjoy every bit of it. so i am trying to smile to forget whatever it is that pains me. look on to brighter side and try to fix things with people.
  2. i am over my ummm dillema and i am ready (i think) to face the next sem. (i really think i am gonna be dying bec. of a heart attack because it just hurts >>)
  3. i am a big fan of hugs now >__< since i was deprived from it. *hugs mommy and auntie*
  4. i love my barkada and other friends. nuff said. without them i am dead.
  5. i love JAEMIN (aish i am a freak wtf ahahaha XD but oh love) if they get back here in my country i'll be bold enough to make a JAEMIN tarpo~
  7. CASS_PH or Barangay SMtown pinas ohhh i soooo swear.... *fills out forms* THAT IS IT SM I AM COMING OVER! *drags ate dette with her* *sings more in noraebang*
  9. i am back with my goth / rock star look yeah... errrr (mom: CLE WHY IS YOUR CLOSET ALL BLACK AND WHITE???!!!)
  10. i am me again. yey.
so i guess that is just about it for now i am gonna place more stuffs later on~ after the layout's been changed and all. i miss tons of people.

oh look my gay boyz~ lol
credits to: dongnebangne <333
mwah to all!




Randomness yet again~

yey i am finally updating this thing again!
as usual school's always been a pain, specially now that in 2 weeks time our class is gonna go to China so meaning more pressure up ahead. i havent finished the lot of the letters and waivers that are needed as of the moment aish i havent even got the minutes typed up T___T i am doomed. i am actuallt planning not to go to school maybe tomorrow just to finish the lot, our teacher is placing too much pressure to add up to the worries.

what the heck, why i am i ranting?? >__< anyway i am currently in love with Bi's Move on <3 aish i am melting *wipes self off the floor* i am gonna upload the song in awhile my connection is being an ashh again.

oh here here~ <3 DL THIS!! http://www.sendspace.com/file/1zifjs Bi's move on from his 2nd japanese single ^__^
credits to b2ww + tw_heaven

woolpepper thanks for the icons yet again~ and errr *throws uchi to the sea* mwahahaha XD

this is so random but i was laughing so hard (while half of the female population in my forum was crying over) when i saw this picture

credits: snoopy @ soompi + kai @ tvfxqworld.cjb.net

i dont know why i am not affected like most of my friends were but i guess i was just used to the idea that kpop people are prone to this, ok i am weird.

err i am off.

toodles <3

i am late for school O_O

i am such a sloth. i am off for school but wtf i am still here typing errr ok something is wrong with me O_O

anyway, woolpepper dude i luuuhhh you. thanks for the icons. i miss seeing you in school. good luck on getting an UNO in a subject.

and yeah i am still dealing with my current pain in the ashhhh subject >_< i just wish my proff would go and die! she's ruining my college life!

omg... i am late!

*runs off*

omg omg omg!!!!

it's jaeeee the very first front view of his new dyed hair <333

credits: starteacup+cle@ http://tvfxqworld.cjb.net
excuse me while i die....
*rapes jae*